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Is snowboarding aerobic? (and a RunGPS article)

A while back I posted a review of a program I have been using for years called RunGPS. I originally purchased the program on Windows Mobile, then on Android, and most recently as part of my migration to BlackBerry 10. 10.2 did not support Bluetooth so my heart rate monitor didn’t work 😦 Then along came the new Beta 10.2.1 which added bluetooth support back. I contacted the authors of RunGPS (who have always been very responsive by the way) and they confirmed they were adding in bluetooth support on the BlackBerry version of their code, an Android port. I worked with them to test it on my Z10 and Q10 and low and behold it works.

So what is RunGPS? It is a combination data logger (GPS postion, heart rate support) as well as a navigator. You can put down and remember way points and find your distance and direction back to those waypoints. The fact that it can be used for navigation as well as bluetooth heart rate monitor support have put RunGPS ahead of the competition for years. I have had a Zephyr bluetooth heart rate monitor for a long time. It has a rechargeable battery in it that charges up quickly and lasts a long time. They included a USB powered charger that makes it easy to use.

So with that in mind I looked to answer a question I have always wondered. Is snowboarding aerobic? So to answer this question I took two data logs I have done in the past one snowboarding and one mountain biking. So let’s compare. The detailed data is below but what we find out is that based on calories burned per hour snowboarding is a mere 8% less than mountain biking. And as far as the heart is concerned is only 11% less effective at raising the heart rate. So what this means is … yes it is an aerobic sport. And a pretty good one at that. Who knew 🙂 Get out there an hit the snow! Well maybe not literally 🙂

Here’s the data!

Heart  Heart  Heart
Rate Rate Rate Caolories
Active Min Max Avg Calories per hour
Mountain biking 1:41:15 112 191 166.6 2010 1194
Snowboarding 1:08:36 95 181 149.1 1244 1098 -8 % difference
-11 % difference

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