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Upgrading my Q10 to

Recently I saw a post on crackberry about a new release of the Beta of 10.2.1 on Crackberry that is suppose to bring some improvements for Android Runtime as well as performance. So I decided to jump on it. What do I have to loose right 😦

Ok so I started by doing a full backup of the phone. I had put on and setup a ton of apps, including a number of Android ones and was hoping to not loose them. But just as a precaution I backed up manually the important app data where I could.

The upgrade process was painless and took less than 1/2 an hour. Then I did the restore which took another little while to do. But all seemed to go fine and the device rebooted. Ok time to see the results …

Oh no … every single Android app that had previously been loaded was gone. Every side loaded Blackberry app was also gone. All of the accounts had to have their passwords re-entered. Blackberry native apps were reinstalled (by the backup) and maintained their setup. WIFI setup was there, but bluetooth was gone long gone. Time to set these up yet again.

The music player (and video/pics) all had to rescan the 32G SD card for content. And this took another little while (about another 1/2 hour).

The whole time all this resetup was going on the phone was unresponsive and I couldn’t even get into messages 😦

Whatever you do, if you choose to do this upgrade, do it when you have a lot of time. I asked a colleague who has done this kind of thing many times and he said he has not seen it go this bad before. So this may be a one off. Now this is what you live with when you choose betas but none the less I am underwhelmed and even a little annoyed.


January 10, 2014 - Posted by | Android, Blackberry 10, Uncategorized

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