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K2 Maysis snowboarding boots

Those of you that have the pleasure (or is that a curse) of knowing me know one of my passions is Snowboarding. If you don’t embrace a winter sport the winter seems to take forever. I’ve been using the same boots for the last 10 years since I learned to board. My good friend Joe introduced me to the sport. Thanks Joe! My old boots were an old set of Flows. The boots from the start were at least a half size too big and were tightened up by laces. A pain and hard to adjust especially on the fly. Well this year I decided it was time to jump aboard the new tightening systems and bought a paid of K2 Maysis.

I’m in awe of the new system that K2 have come up with. A number of vendors are using the same Boa ratchet system for tightening the boot. What K2 have done that is unique is that the ratchet on the side of the boot tightens the inside of the liner at the ankle. Pulling the foot back into the boot. Then the ratchet on the front of the boot tightens the outside front of the boot. With the two you can get exactly the level of tightness you want. And you can simply and easily adjust it on the fly. Stop for lunch pull out the ratchet and you can easily loosen the boot to relieve the pressure from the foot. The ratchet is perfectly designed to not ice up, they are under your snow pants and you have to pull it out to release it so there’s no chance of accidentally releasing it. The outside ratchet is properly moved to the outside of the boot so it doesn’t get in the way in between your legs.

This is truly revolutionary. If your still dealing with the old school laces check these out. For the price they are a bargain in convenience and on the fly tuning of your boot! Wow. Did I mention comfortable and warm too?


January 24, 2014 - Posted by | Other reviews

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