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My Favorite programs for my Blackberry Q10 running 10.2.1

I figured it’s time for one of my favorite programs posts! The Q10 is a great device. I love the keyboard. The screen however is severly limiting. The square dimensions and small size mean most games are out, reading an ebook would be a test of anyone’s patience (IMHO) and watching movies is not a rich experience to say the least. That said it’s a fabulous device, great keyboard, responsive, reasonable battery life, excellent music player and tethers very well. With the upgrade to 10.2.1 now out of Beta Android compatibility is excellent!

Native BB10 and Android apps ported to BB10 Programs (17 apps):
Skype (for Cheap long distance using Skype otu)
4 (although I find it quite buggy with lots of audio problems, again cheap long distance using a VOIP account)
RocketMan (TTC schedules)
Freecell, Solitaire and Spider Solitaire by Odesys
Blackberry Weather
Facebook (written by Blackberry)
Google Talk (written by Blackberry)
The Weather Network
BeBuzz Pro notification and reminder app (My Review)
Ebay (written by Blackberry)
RunGPS exercise GPS tracking and navigation (My last post on RunGPS)
Flixster a great movie app, good for in the theater and released movies.
Cineplex another movie app. You’d think I go to a lot of movies, which actually, I don’t.
Evernote cross platform Note taking tool
I have BBM loaded but I must say it is not in anyway a fav of mine.
I have Blackberry Maps loaded and while it works, has turn by turn directions etc, it’s search engine leaves a lot to be improved. So not a fav either. Not that I would live without it.

Now with the stunning Android compatibility of 10.2.1 you can have marketplaces such as Droid store and Snap(both you have to side load), as well as 1 Mobile to allow you to directly from the device find and load Android apps. There are others including the Amazon Marketplace etc. By the way, if you tried Snap before try it again. It’s now usable.

Android Apps (all available from the 1Mobile Marketplace 14 apps).:
Team Snap for my Hockey Team
Go Transit mostly works. The screen is a little hard to use and I don’t find the location alerts work
Mississauga Transit bus schedules
Alcodroid track your alcohol consumption and keep a close eye on your blood alcohol level.
Ski and Snow Report
WIFI Thermostat
Babe of the Day 🙂
Bikini Babe of the day
Torrent-FU a great front end to utorrent for Q’ing up and managing your torrents remotely.
Eye-FI for getting your pictures from your Camera to your blackberry using WIFI. (My review of the Eye-FI card). It took a bit of manual setup to add the WIFI setting for the card but I did get it working
Shazam music identifier.

Manually installed APKs (not on 1Mobile):
680 News

The following are a list of apps I use to use on Android or my Z10 but due to the screen don’t use on the Q10:
WordHero, Kindle, Wordament, Word Scramble with Friends, Jewels, Populus Romanus, Stupid Zombies Bubbles, Sudokhu Daily, Defense Zone HD, 2X Client, BMO Mobile Banking, Co Pilot, WordPress, Chess, Checkers, Backgammon and XBMC.


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