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OBD II codes

Ever been faced by that nebulous check engine light? Gone to a mechanic and been told the outrageous fee to simply read out the code? Well there is a neat and easy solution to that problem! Cars have what is called an OBD II (On Board Diagnostic) port that is located under the dash, very close to the steering wheel. This is what mechanics plug into to read the code. The good news is there are lots of super cheap Bluetooth OBD II gadgets you can find on eBay that can allow you to read these codes. Devices such as an ELM 327 are readily available on Amazon and ebay for $10-$20.
With this device you can load a variety of programs that will interface and read the OBD port’s data. To get started buy one of these now before you need one. They are inexpensive and have been a standard for a VERY long time. Once you have it manually Bluetooth pair it. The code to pair can be 0000 or 1234. Once paired you are ready to select your program. With BlackBerry now supporting Bluetooth for Android it means on BB10 your in luck and are able to use the wealth of OBD programs out there. I found: OBD car doctor and Engine-Codes were able to read the code out of the computer. web site as well as others have the ability to look up codes and turn them into English. Of course once you have that information you still need to get whatever caused it looked into. But at least you can have information for when you talk to the mechanic.

There is also another neat program called Torque that can display all kinds of neat information live from your car. Everything from fuel being consumed RPM you name it. Cool!


March 13, 2014 - Posted by | Android, Blackberry 10, Electronic gadget reviews

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