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I last played with an Airplay/DLNA/Mirrorcast adapter. That device was based on industry standards. This one, a Chromecast is a totally different animal. Chromecast relies 100% on an app being coded to support “casting” their output to the Chomecast adapter. These and only these apps can use the Chromecast. And I was shocked how small the list was. I got it working on Windows Chrome by adding an extension (ridiculous that this isn’t built in). This is a small point and is a small fly in what is a big steaming turd. Once setup Chrome browser can case 1 tab at a time out to the Chromecast adapter. And for me I was shocked how slow even that was. Now any movie played within a browser can be sent out to Chromecast so I guess there is that consolation. And I was shocked to see that Chrome on Android (remember Google owns both Android and Chrome) does not support extensions and thus can not use Chromecast. Even on the latest Android 4.4.2. Your kidding right? Left hand meet right hand. Not get in a room and get on the same page will ya. So in the end Chromecast is very (small) niche product. Save your money, don’t buy one. I’m just happy I borrowed one to try instead of wasting cash. Useless product. Thanks Google. If your thinking this is super short post (from a guy that go into detail on almost anything) that’s because there is nothing more to be said …

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March 19, 2014 - Posted by | Android, Electronic gadget reviews

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