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Amazon Android Marketplace

The Google Play Store is the pre-eminent MarketPlace for Android. It is however not the only one. Some devices don’t ship with the Google Play Store, and there is no way to load it onto BlackBerry 10. As an aside Snap is the best way to do Google Play Store on BlackBerry 10.

So Amazon is another alternative to the Google Play Store and the topic of this post. You can freely download the Amazon Marketplace and install it on Android or Blackberry phone or tablet. You then sign in with your Amazon account. If you don’t have one you create it. Any apps you install or purchase are tied to your Amazon account, not your device. Using the Amazon Marketplace is one of the ways you can load paid apps onto a BlackBerry. You can’t do that with Snap or with Google Play. You can easily transfer an app onto a new device and in some cases even load a paid app onto multiple devices. From the Amazon web site you can also manage your Android Apps and see your history.
amazon-a amazon-b

From the Marketplace you can see any Android Apps you have installed on the device tab, any apps that you have bought or downloaded on other devices that are not installed on this device on the Cloud tab and any updates that are available to installed apps.
The process is quite simple (even on BlackBerry 10) find the app you want and click it. That downloads the app and opens the installer. These pics are for BlackBerry but it’s similar on Android.
All in all it works well and provides additional options as well as cross platform (Android/BlackBerry) options for paid apps!


April 7, 2014 - Posted by | Android, Blackberry 10

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