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HTC One (M7) power consumption in standby

When I first ran my power consumption runs on the HTC One I could not get stable data. The first 8 hours would be good and then something would change and the power consumption would go way up. So the article on the HTC One was lacking this part of the review. I did a factory reset, loaded no apps and only added my Gmail account and was able to get back to stable data coming out of the phone on power consumption. I’ve not had this issue in the past and have no explanation for it. But since only my gmail account was syncing the data may be a little off (lower than usual). Especially when compared to a fully configured phone. That said, I have what I have … and here is the data. (This data was done using Android version 4.4.2)

This data is standby in that the phone is left alone over a long period of time.

As usual let’s level set with network speeds:
GSM also called Edge or 2G theoretical 220 Kb/s actual around 56-100K
4G/3G also called UTMS theoretical 21 Mb/s actual 3-7 Mb/s from what I have seen/heard
LTE theoretical 75 Mb/s actual 21-55 from what I have heard/seen

So like the S4 LTE has been heavily optimized. 0.64%/hr or 155 hours. Compared to the S4 at 0.96%/hr or 33% better.

3G/4G was odd on the S4 showing up above LTE. But on the HTC One it clocks in at 0.53%/hr or 187 hours. This translates into a savings of 17% compared to LTE. And is better than the S4 which came in at 1.17%/hr.

Edge came in on both the S4 and the HTC One at 0.75%/hr or 134 hours. This number is below LTE but oddly above LTE.

Turning data off is always a great way to save power when your in a pinch. The HTC One clocks in at 0.39 %/hr pretty much the same as the S4 or a whopping 254 hours. This is a savings over LTE data on of over 63%!

Last but not least is WIFI. It’s dead easy to turn WIFI on when your in your home etc. Lots of apps will automatically manage this. The HTC One on 2.5G single channel WIFI clocks in at 0.29% per hour or 204 hours. A savings over LTE of over 23%. As with the S4 using dual channel 5 GHZ bumps the power consumption up 23% back up to 0.63%/hr (pretty much the same as LTE). So if you don’t need the speed save your battery life.

Like the S4 LTE has been heavily optimized and WAY down from the S2 numbers I last ran!


April 29, 2014 - Posted by | Android

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