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Blackberry Q10 power consumption

So after working the numbers on power consumption on a couple of android devices lately I thought I’d go back and see what the Q10 was like. As usual these are standby numbers. The device is left alone for a period of time doing as little as possible. Now my Q10 is a work device so in addition to all the usual syncing accounts (Facebook, Gmail, etc) there is also an Active Sync account running.

Running on LTE I measured 1.84%/hr or a battery life of 52.9 hours. WIFI 5G comes in at 1.63%/hr or 61.3 hours. WIFI 2.5G comes in at 1.41%/hr or 70.7 hours. So like on Android you can see switching to WIFI saves you battery life, and if you don’t need it stay on WIFI 2.5G single channel to save power! Dropping down to 4G drops down massively down to 1.38%/hr or 72.5 hours. This alone saves over 20 hours of standby battery life! Dropping down to (dog slow) Edge drops the power consumption down to 1.21%/hr or 82.6 hours! Turning data off drops power consumption down to 0.63%/hr or a whopping 158.7 hours! I wondered if Active Sync was taking some of the power so I turned off the active sync account and saw power consumption drop down to 1%/hr. This would imply the active sync account was responsible for .84%/hr of the 1.84%/hr. Wow quite heavy!


May 20, 2014 - Posted by | Blackberry 10

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