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Heart rate monitor and logger on Android

For a while now I have looked for a decent program to log my heart rate during indoor activities and count calories. I’ve been unsuccessful. Then the thought dawned on me, I wonder what would happen if I turned off GPS in Android and ran my favorite programs like Endomondo or RunGPS? So I tried it. The apps complain because there is no GPS available but magically start up anyway! Yay.

Let’s start with RunGPS. So I sat on the couch for 35 mins sitting as still as I could trying to see if the calorie count would come close to the base calorie count I would expect. I put the app in weight lifting mode and started it. It showed a heart rate average of 58.6 which would give me my resting heart rate. Max 69 min 54 so reasonably still and showed 41 (+/-1 since RunGPS does not calculate partial calories) calories burned. So let’s do some math 60/35*41*24 would give you a baseline calorie count of 1687 calories. Using this baseline calorie calculator it says my number should be around 1781 calories so this seems to be pretty darn close!
Here’s the raw data

Next up I tried Endomondo. I put it in other mode and sat still for 30 mins. It showed a max heart rate of 79 and an average of 62 and a calorie count of 56, so that would extrapolate out to 2688 calories for the day. Seems a little high.
Here’s the raw data.

Runtastic in 15 mins did not budge the calories even one. So it totally ignores the heart rate monitor which agrees with a previous finding.
Raw Data

Similarly Mapmyfitness did not count calories when the GPS was disconnected with a heart rate monitor. So it totally ignores the heart rate monitor which agrees with a previous finding.

So in the end it turned out I had the functionality all along. I wish the apps would add an indoor mode so I didn’t have to fuss with the Android setting but at least it works!


June 28, 2014 - Posted by | Android

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