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Loading XBMC onto the Kindle Fire TV

There are lots of posts out there on how to load XBMC onto the Kindle Fire TV so I won’t repeat the whole thing here. XBMC Wiki has a good one that I basically followed. The steps are pretty simple (and explained in detail in the wiki).

Let’s start with the basics. The Fire TV is a heavily skinned (by Amazon) Android OS. How much you want to use the Kindle’s OS will determine exactly how you do things. You can completely hide the Kindle’s OS and only see XBMC if that’s what you want.

Steps are these:
1) You need to download the Android debugger called ADB. You don’t need to install it, you can run it from wherever you extract it to. ADB is used to load Android apps onto the Kindle. The Kindle does not have an Android App store such as Google Play or the like. So using ADB to load ADB is the way to get around this. You will run ADB on a PC on the same network as the Kindle
2) Download XBMC Android version (it will be an APK) to the PC you are going to run ADB on
3) Download Llama APK
4) Download the predefined llama config files from the Wiki link
5) Download AndFTP FTP to make transferring files to and from the Fire easier
6) Put the Fire into debug mode and note the IP address of the Fire as noted in the wiki
7) Use ADB to install XBMC/llama/AndFTP
8) Use ADB to push the llama config files onto the fire and load them into llama

Android apps installed can be found from the Fire main menu, settings, Applications. So not by any means convenient.

Llama is the key to making XBMC integration as much or as little as you want. One of the things you can do is to install what they call a sacrificial app. For Canada Hulu will do nicely since it doesn’t work here anyway. Then you can configure llama that anytime you start Hulu, start XBMC. Not perfect but it works.

Llama can also be configured that any time the Fire menu is running (called KFTV) start XBMC. This will totally hide the Fire stuff leaving XBMC. If you need to go back to the Fire for some reason then you simply go to programs, android apps, llama from within XBMC, use the options menu and kill llama. From there press home and you are back to the fire. You will need to go restart llama from Fire main menu, settings, Applications when your done with the fire menu.

All in all I have found XBMC runs quite well on the Fire TV. There are some issues with it crashing from time to time and with fast forward not working correctly.


July 24, 2014 - Posted by | Android

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