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Google Awesome isn’t

I returned back from my trip only to get a Google+ Storybook chronicalling where I was, where I stayed, the pictures I took (without my permission). In looking into it, turns out it’s part of “Auto Awesome” which bizarrely is on by default. Beware if your on Android. This is troubling on many fronts. The invasion of privacy, the use of my location, the upload of my photos without my knowledge. Sure, I bet all this was in the privacy policy small print but beware. Using my bandwidth and battery power for something I may or may not want is a bad choice by Google IMHO. Looking into this it seems it’s Backup photos within Google+ (which I don’t think I enabled) and AutoAwesome within the Google Photos Android app. To fix this permanently I (overreaction) uninstalled Google+.

August 27, 2014 - Posted by | Android

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