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Mighty Text Android App review

A while back I played with this app and was underwhelmed. A colleague at work prodded me back to it. How many times have you been sitting at your computer or tablet and have to take out your phone to read/reply to a text message? Forgot your phone at home and need to send a text? Well Mighty Text is a perfect solution for all that ails you. Let’s talk about how it works. So you load an app on your phone and it in turn talks up to a portal. It uploads your most recent messages and your contacts. So right off the bat if this concerns you don’t load this app. Once the app is in, installed, and configured your ready to go. Of course your phone will need to have a constant data connection for this app to work.

From a web interface (which you can log on to from any device) you can send/receive messages, see your photos, see your phone`s battery charge and get at your contacts. All from the comfort of a full size keyboard/mouse or tablet. There is a Chrome extension for it that works VERY well and includes pop up notifications and sound notifications too. You really can completely decouple from your phone. When a call comes in if you have notifications on a pop up box comes up to show you a call is coming in. Of course to answer it you have make a dash for the phone but at least you know a call came in.

In addition to the web portal there is an app you can install on Android tablets that also links up to the portal and provides the some of the functionality. (You can`t see your contacts, can`t see your photos, and can`t dial your phone). So in other words you can send and receive text messages. The tablet does not need to be on WIFI, or even the same WIFI as the phone as long as the tablet is connected to the net to be able to get to the portal. For tablets with cell radios MightyText does not allow you to setup the tablet to send out the texts for some reason. An oversight perhaps.

You can load the tablet app onto more than one device, you can be logged onto the MightyText portal from as many computers as you need to making sure you get notified and can answer your texts from wherever is convenient!

All in all this is an app that has come a long way and is now something I have loaded, like and would miss if I went off Android.

October 10, 2014 - Posted by | Android


  1. Hilarious that I was looking for reviews on this app and it was your review I found! Hope all is well. I’m going to install this and try it.

    Comment by Daniel Reio | October 4, 2015 | Reply

    • 6 degrees of separation 🙂

      Comment by johngalea | October 5, 2015 | Reply

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