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Windows 10

I’ve not been a fan of Windows 8. I endured it on a first generation Windows tablet (a Samsung XE500) then on an Asus XE202 and in both cases what I found is that as much as Microsoft would like us to believe Windows is touch enabled it isn’t. Outside of Metro apps touch screen on Windows is a mere convenience when it works and infuriating when it doesn’t. The world on Windows 8 was very much split between metro apps and the old style Windows apps. Metro apps did not play nicely, they did not Window, multitask, took gestures you had to learn, to move around and to close them. Originally could only have one on a screen at a time and many other irritating annoyances. The lack of a start menu (as much as you could add one back to Windows 8) meant a learning curve for newbies. So much so I have family that aren’t technocrats that have been stuck on Windows XP and 7 because I couldn’t see them enjoying the Windows 8 experience. I was hopeful that Windows 8.1 would do something do fix the issue but no joy. Along comes Windows 10 (Thanks to my bud Danny for pointing out the release of the preview!) which has been released for Technical preview (free download). At last Windows has seen the light. The start menu is back, the metro apps behave more like normal apps. You can minimize them, resize them, close them as you would any other app. And they even show up in the start menu like any other app. Microsoft has finally seen the light. So far I like Windows 10 and it is finally a step in the right direction. Thanks Microsoft. Better late than never! I won’t do a detailed review of it, there are already lots out there. Just thought I’d throw it out there for my readers that may not have heard about it. Here is Microsoft’s initial announcement with a video of the new interface.


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