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Blackberry OS mini review

It’s been a little while since I did anything with my Q10, and a buddy commented on this new Beta so I thought I would look into it. In the past to load a new Beta required you to backup your BB, wipe it, install the new OS and then restore. It was a lengthy process. The GURUs over at Crackberry have come up with a new method called Sachesi which more closely resembles an over the air process for installing Betas. It will even go out and search what firmware versions are out there. I had a bit of trouble getting it to work. I fussed with different USB connections, enabling development mode, and installing BB Link and I can’t say what got it working but eventually it saw my device. Sachesi was not able to find this beta but I did find and download what is called a Blitz OS release. From there simply dragging it onto Sachesi was all it took. The process failed a couple times (no idea why). And in spite of that there was no damage to the phone. Sometimes when a firmware upgrade goes badly it’s a VERY bad thing. Not this time. Each run took over 2 hours so it isn’t fast. Once it finally did work a reboot happened and after a while the new firmware was installed. Very nice!

Ok, onto the new release. The previous release of BB 10 only supported Android 4, which is getting a bit dated. One of the things missing is support for Bluetooth Low Energy devices. Well go figure, the new release actually supports it. I was able to get an Android app to talk to my bluetooth low energy heart rate monitor, a Scosche Rythm plus! Now this is enough of a reason on it’s own to like the new release but there is more. The UI has been freshened. Now as with any UI change there are going to be those those that love it and those that hate it. Another new feature BB have added the ability to create your own profiles. I was shocked that this has been missing from BB10 for so long. And unless BB are deaf, users have been shouting for it. So I am happy to see it. Sadly still lacking is an ability to notify ONLY on the priority inbox. Another obvious miss (for me). Without this the priority inbox ends up as nothing more than a visual filter. BB have added a new app called Blend which is suppose to allow you from a PC to send messages and other functions from your PC through your BB through a wired, wifi or cell connection. To get it to work you need to update your version of BB Link. No matter what I tried I could not get this to work. It just kept saying my BB was still not on 10.3 in spite of being on the beta. If your on a BB Passport, your already on 10.3. I’m sure there is lots more new in this release. but that’s what stood out for me.

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