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Google Fit Android app with Google Wear support review

I recently completed my review of the Samsung S.Health app and thought I would have a look at the Google Fit app. I thought surely Google will have kept pace with the rest of the worlds obsession with calorie count, and fitness goals. I did a lot of digging. I kept thinking what am I missing? I even watched a couple of YouTube videos searching for the rest of Fit. In the end … what I discovered is I am not missing anything. Google is. Google Fit is a pedometer with support for Google wear to act as it’s sensor, with a back end ability to share data with other third party apps. Google fit is the pedometer app loaded onto most Android Wear watches. It is supposed to somehow mysteriously pick up when your running, or cycling, no idea how it might do that. But there is no way to tell it to start a run/cycle manually. Amusingly when fit is the only fitness app loaded the Android Wear shows Start a bike ride, start a run and start a workout are all greyed out indicating they are unavailable? And it is another mystery to me when you have a Android Wear watch is it double counting steps (on the watch and phone) or does it start counting on the phone when the watch is disconnected? And if you have fit on your phone and tablet how does it handle that? Samsung in S.Health allowed you to simply and easily display the data from each device. And separately start and stop the count on each device.

Google Fit does have a portal and has a way to connect supported Apps and devices. The third party app itself initiates the connection to Google Fit. I was able to get Strava to talk to Google Fit from within Strava. Runtastic kept telling me I had to connect Google plus to my account but when I went to the Runtastic web site, sure enough it was connected to Google plus so I have no idea what’s up with that. And when you have no apps connected to Fit there is a link within Google fit that says learn more that takes you to a bogus location.

Even as a pedometer, I find Google Fit to be lacking. What you get is number of steps as well as amount of time you spent walking. No indication of kms traveled, or calories burned? I compared a day of walking between my Samsung Live running Fit and my Samsung Gear 2 Neo running S.Health and they were within 10% of each other in number of steps taken. I checked it throughout the day and the most it varied between each other was 15% and Google Fit always reported more. There is an algorithm involved in figuring out steps so a difference is to be expected.

And don’t look for a widget either. None can be found.

So all in all while Google fit has some promise, I have to say I am utterly amazed a company like Google would put out such a seriously limited Fitness app. Yo Google WTF? Wake up and get with the program … PLEASE.

So for now, ignore Google Fit unless you have an Android Wear watch in which case it is the ONLY way to get your pedometer data off of the watch.


December 10, 2014 - Posted by | Android


  1. […] number one limitation on this watch is Google fit which I recently reviewed. Google really have dropped the ball on this app. And sadly, Google Fit is the only way to get your […]

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    • Honestly the Gear 2 Neo was better at this by miles.

      Comment by johngalea | January 14, 2015 | Reply

  2. Wow man … just what i’m currently thinking… i am trying to find some app or tool to actually analyse what the android wear Watch can pick up to see not only steps and time but also at least a calculation of distance and calories burnt from that information… even if this calculations are not 100% accurate as long as they measure the same way every time i will see my imrovements and can get similiar inormation as on the micoach… In winter i do alot of indoor training mostly Football and Fitness… but the tracking is soo bad with google fit it doesnt even notice when i’m running in the hall! So it will just carrie on counting my steps as if in walking… so dumb…
    I bought the watch as a replacement for gps tracking and footpod and for the extended features like playing music from the watch etc etc… But at the moment its basically worthless, just a silly toy with alot of functions that are nice to have but not what i really need…

    lets hope lollipop will being something…

    Comment by combatratcat | January 14, 2015 | Reply

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