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Facer (For Android Wear) Android app review

One of the things I love about having a smart watch is the ability to whimsically change the watch face. There are lots of watch faces out their you can purchase on the play store but they often aren’t free and sometimes they are missing something. If only you could just add it? Well … on the Sony Smartwatch 2 they had a clever way to design your own watchfaces from what it called widgets and clocks. Facer is similar in that you can design your own watch face. Assuming you have the time. But better than that, you can download a ton of Facer compatible watch faces from FacerRepo. And all for free. And if you see one you like you can also edit it yourself and add that one thing that is missing. You need to be careful to download watch faces for your watch (different sizes and shapes of watches means they don’t universally work). From within the watch face on FaceRepo from your paired smartphone click on download and then select open it with Facer … magically the new watch face is added to Facer. Very cool. Facer is a little confusing to use. To use a Facer watch face first select Facer on your watch. Then go into Facer on your phone and select the watchface you want. Click on the Orange watch button and it sends the watch face over to your watch. Le Voila. That’s it! I can’t tell you how much time it took me to figure this out.

By the way, there is another similar app called WatchMaker that is now also covered off by FacerRepo. It works VERY similarly.

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