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Pen based Android apps a OneNote mini review

There are a number of Android devices out there that include a digitizer and a pen. Without a digitizer taking notes with a pen is virtually useless. I have a note 8 and have been very successful at using it to take digital notes. So now you have the hardware what software to use?

Samsung include a terrific app called S.Note but it is only supported on certain Android devices, there’s no PC based viewer, and export just sends each page out as a JPG.

I checked out Evernote, Papyrus and One Note. For me, the hands down winner is One Note. There are versions of One Note that run on a variety of platforms. And even a web portal and cloud backup. The Android version of is missing a number of features. There’s no OCR (Optical Character recognition) to take a page and convert it into text. There’s no handwriting recognition. And there’s no template support. I’m sure there are more features missing but these were what I’ve found to date. To get around this, assuming you have a PC, you can do OCR. Right click on the image and make it searchable, then right click to get the text out of the image inside the document and put it where you want.
They also left out the convert ink to text function. Again on the PC version select the hand writing and then right click and say convert Ink into text.
To get around the lack of templates on the Android version I create a bunch of black pages with the template I want in the PC version. Sync it and then use those pages the next time you want to take a note. I am shocked that there isn’t even a lined paper like view for the Android version.

One of the things worth noting is there are a number of versions of OneNote. Some were included in Office. If you download the version from the OneNote portal you have the most current.

On the PC there are easy ways to print almost anything and have it output to OneNote. The files can then be annotated using a pen.

In spite of the limitations of the Android App, this is the best solution I’ve found to date. I now use it for all my digital note taking. From recipes, to wine tasting notes etc.

January 6, 2015 - Posted by | Android

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