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Gear Power 11000 portable battery pack

You can never have enough power, especially when travelling. My colleague Manuel bought himself one of these for a trip he is planning and knowing how addicted I am to tech he let me play šŸ™‚ When choosing a portable battery pack you need to be careful. A lot of them, especially the smaller ones can only output 1A of current meaning for a newer phone it either barely charges or charges slowly. If your on the go and you connect to a portable power supply like this you want to get the max juice in the min time. That said, a phone will control the max power it can be supplied. To date, I have not seen a phone that can suck in more and 2A. The power packs I have played with to date are about 50% efficient. Meaning the phone battery you are charging takes 2 mAh from the portable battery pack for every 1 mAh the phone battery gets. I’ve also noticed phones can be picky as to where they take their power from and may get a full amount of current from one source and no where near full from another. I have no idea why this is but have noticed it on numerous phones.

This thing is a bruiser. Weighing in at 295g, my Samsung Note 3 is 168g so almost double. 7.6 x 12.1 x 1.9 cm in size so about the size of an old transistor radio. If this thing was in your pocket you wouldn’t miss it.

Shape wise it’s a brick. White in color with three jacks on the top. USB 1A, USB 2A and then a microUSB to charge it. On the front of the unit is a single button that reveals the level of charge in a series of 4 green LEDs. When charging the LEDS blink to show you the level of charge and then stop blinking when fully charged. There is no color to the LEDs. On the bottom the unit has rubber feet to keep it in place, a nice touch. The edges are silvery in color but I don’t think it’s metal (not that I know). I can’t believe this thing is going to tolerate being dropped so your going to want to be careful.

Price wise it wasn’t cheap ~$47 at regularly ~$90.

The unit comes with an AC charger that only puts out 1A so it will take a while to charge this puppy from dead. It also comes with a faux velvet carrying case and a microUSB cable. They do not include any cables for other devices (like tablets or iphones etc) they assume you will use the one that came with your device.

The battery inside the unit is LiION.

Some of the units like this one come with an LED to act like a flashlight. A simple idea. This one does not. Some of them will allow you to plug in a charger and then plug the phone in and with one charger will charge both. This one does not. When it’s charging it can not be used to charge the phone. It’s an either or.

I plugged my note 8 into both the 1A and 2A USB port and both delivered 1798 mA according to Galaxy Charging HUD which by the way is the same current the factory charger is able to deliver. That is impressive. The unit was solid and kept charging the tablet as long as it needed with no breaks. Interestingly the unit did not get hot. I have experienced others getting quite warm when being pushed to the max current. 2.1 is the max it is suppose to be able to deliver.

On my Note 3 it gave 1.2 mAH Vs the stock charger giving about 1.8 mAH. I’ve seen this kind of pickyness when it comes to chargers before so this is nothing new.

I ran two tests, first I started at 18% on the Note 8 and charged it up to 61% in 3 hrs 58 mins for an average of 10.8% per hour. With a battery in the note being 4600 mAH this means that the tablet got 1978 mAH from the pack and was flashing 3 bars of charge left. Next up (without recharging the pack) I ran it from 33% on the Note 8 to 100% in 3 hours 44 mins for an average of 19.4% per hour. No idea why the difference in charging rates. This then accounts for another 3082 mAh the Note 8 took from the pack. For a total of 5060 mAh from an 11,000 mAh external battery pack for an efficiency of 46%. This is in keeping with previous packs I’ve evaluated.

According to Manuel it took 10-11 hours with the stock charger from dead.

All in all it’s a nice unit. Your not going to carry it around with you every day, but when your travelling it would be a welcome companion to our ever hungry devices needs for power!


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