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Android Wear 5.02 update

The other night I am sound asleep, and at 5AM I get woken up by a bright light. Seems my Samsung Live Android wear smartwatch was getting it’s 5.02 update. Didn’t prompt me, didn’t inform me, just did it. Now if I hadn’t noticed it being updated I would have no idea. Now there are posts out there as to what’s new in 5.02 but I am here to tell you two things. First of all the battery life has not been improved. On my Samsung Live it remains at 20 hours. Enough to get through the day, but no way of going multiple days without turning always on off and/or disconnecting the watch from the phone (defeating the purpose of a smart watch IMHO). It still makes me scratch things as to why the watch, or phone do not cycle the connecting between the two to save power. But that said …

Secondly the pedometer function on my Samsung Gear Live is finally useful. In the past both Google Fit as well as Watchmaker/Facer all showed step counts that could be at best considered a fine act of fiction. There was no correlation at all with other pedometers like fitbits, Samsung S.Health etc. But now, low and behold this is fixed. The pedometer function on this watch almost a year later (after it was announced) finally works. At last a step back to what I had on my Samsung Gear 2 Neo. Something that works! Woohoo. Not sure who to thank/blame for this, Google or Samsung but thanks. For those of you that have also found your pedometers inaccurate (and there are many posts out there on the subject) check out and see if yours is now also fixed!

February 27, 2015 - Posted by | Android, Android Wear (Smartwatch)

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