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Rdio Android app mini review

I`ve played with streaming music players before and been underwhelmed. A colleague at work was raving about this one so I thought I`d give it a try. My train trip home has spotty cell reception. I like to snowboard and mountain bike which can also have spotty cell reception. So to say my expectations were low is a statement of the obvious … Captain Obvious to you … 🙂 There are two levels of Rdio. Free and subscription at $9.99 a month. You can not do offline on the free and their are also commercials played every so often that you can not skip on the free version. You are also only allowed to skip so many songs. The price of free … I guess they are trying to make it annoying enough you buy the monthly subscription. Ya I’ll get right on that. And remember, a number of phone have built in FM radios anyway. But what irks me the most about apps like these are how dumb they are. Ok when the app starts up why not scan any content on my phone (optionally) and make suggestions? Or why not tell me about the song being played. Tell me some about the band, tell me their discography. Maybe let me buy their music. See the lyrics for the song. Something. Please give me some kind of intelligence to justify why I might run this app on a smart phone? All in all I was underwhelmed. A brief trip through a cell dead zone and playback stopped. No value add information. No suggestions of other bands I might like. On the positive side, uninstalling was quick and painless. Another poorly written basic music app … yawn.

March 28, 2015 - Posted by | Android

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