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Lenovo Bluetooth keyboard

I spend a lot of time on keyboards. Banging out posts, emails, text messages etc and I hate on screen keyboards. Most of them are so bad I find myself waiting until I get to a real keyboard even to reply to small messages. I find I even do that subconsciously. I’ve bought a number of keyboards over the years and learned lots. First off keyboards rarely are good for more than one platform. Windows, Android and IOS all have different custom keys. Some keyboards give you switches to move between them but inevitably there are missing keys, or keys in the wrong place infuriating me.

Unlike some folks I make use of the PF keys, as well as keys like insert, delete etc. So when these are not in the right place, or missing altogether I find myself inefficient and clumsy.

I’ve tried a number of smaller keyboards, everything from thumb to 7″ tablet size etc and again find myself less than thrilled.

Imperfections like I had on the Acer Switch 10 (it dropped the first key after waking up) also drive me squirrely. My Asus T100 has the annoying habit of connecting and disconnecting when opening and closing the display. And to top it off it is not great on the bottom row of keys for some odd reason leading to missing everything from space bars to others. Again less than satisfying.

And then I saw this keyboard. Now I have to admit I hesitated. This damn thing is pricey. I saw it for over $100 but then saw it on Mikes for $69 so I jumped at it. The feel on the keyboard is excellent. Placement of the keys is near perfect. Windows 8 has depreciated the PF keys in favor of media functions. This keyboard gives you back the control to use them as PF keys by locking the FN button. Brilliant. Power management is near perfect. The keyboard when you touch any key or the mouse wakes up, catches the key you pressed, links up on bluetooth and moves forward. Fast, efficient and flawless. It works so well that you never actually need to power the keyboard off manually. Just leave it on all the time. Charging the keyboard is done via a microUSB connector and the keyboard can be used while charging so you could have it plugged into the laptop charging if needed. All in all this keyboard is very well done.

IBM invented trackpoints are love them or hatem. I happen to love them. I find them space efficient and more accurate than a glide point. The middle mouse button can be used to scroll. I am so good with the trackpoint I find little to no use for a mouse!

This keyboard is probably the best one I have used to date. It can add a whole new dimension to today’s generation of Windows tablet that really cry out for a decent keyboard! Now that said here are some limitations of the keyboard:
– it does not support multi pairing, so you can only pair to one system at a time. You can easily delete a computer and re-pair it but multi would have been nice
– this is a Windows keyboard. It does not have any of the special keys for any other operating system.
– there is no way that I have seen to know the status of the battery
– you can no use this as a USB keyboard, the microUSB is ONLY for charging
– the keyboard is not backlit

That’s a pretty short list!



May 26, 2015 - Posted by | Windows tablets

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