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Navmii in car offline free Navigation

One of the things missing for Windows 8 has been a decent in car Navigation app. I played a bit with MapsPro. It works but to say it has a hokey interface is being kind. Then one of my readers commented I needed to check this one out, and so I did. Navmii is available on many platforms including Windows/Android/Blackberry and iPhone. It is an in car, offline, totally free Navigation system. I’ve played with both the Android and Windows version. The idea of cross platform is always something I like, allowing me to be device agnostic. I have numerous tablets, phones etc, if I can run the same app everywhere it’s a plus. The app can be found in the Windows store and downloaded for free. Once you have the app you download the maps. Warning these can be pretty big, like around 1G. So if you are on a device with limited storage be aware of that. And given this is a Metro app it means the app and it’s data in Windows 8 can ONLY go on the C drive. I even tried mappping in an SD card into the space, no joy. So you will need the free space on the C drive to accommodate the app and the maps. On Android you can redirect the maps onto the SD card.

The app includes a userid sign up which would allow saving on one device to be visible on the other of things like favorites. Sadly on Windows this does not work and just keeps getting an error in server response. On Android it does work.

The routing, navigation, turn by turn directions are all impressively good.

If there is one main weakness in the app it is in search. Sadly if you can’t get search working you can’t find where your going and your SOL. I found searches involving two words like say Durham Forest returned everything that had duraham and forest. Virtually useless. The search can be targetted to FourSquare, Google, Places (if your online) and address. The address allows a free form text to be entered but the search with this address was hit and miss for me. The Android app even allows you to search your contacts (Not in Windows). If your lucky enough to find what you want you click on the result on the bottom of the screen drag it up and you can add it to your favorites. If your going to be working offline if you can do your searches while online and add them to favorites then you will have better luck offline. In Android Navmii also links in as an app you can use to get directions, nice integration.

Overall I like Navmii, I’m thrilled to have discovered it. Of course your next challenge will be determining if your Windows tablet has a GPS. Not all do sadly. My Asus T100 does not, my Asus Vivotab Note does. In device manager here is what my GPS shows up as:

If they can improve the search functionality they would have a killer product and another use for Windows tablet!

June 7, 2015 - Posted by | Windows tablets

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