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Dymo Labelwriter 450

As some of you know I have a Wineblog as well as this tech blog. I have a small collection of wines and use to hand write up labels to put on the bottles to make them easier to find. I recently moved my database of the wines I have from a home grown solution that I wrote in Microsoft Access and ASPs over to CellarTracker and discovered CellarTracker has support for the Dymo Label printer to make nice neat, one size labels. Perfect for the anally retentive organization freak I am. So I went on ebay and bought a used one. And thus the framing for this review.

The printer came with 1 1/8 x 3 1/2 inch labels which is perfect for labelling the end of the wine bottles. So on with setup. I decided I wanted the ability to have the label printer connected to my print server (a Windows 8 VM) so that I could print from any machine on my network. So I started off by downloading the latest and greatest Dymo software. The CD that came with it was very old and out of date. I learned the lesson when I had my NAS to download the latest rather than use the CD that comes with these things as they are always stale. I plugged in the printer and got nada. Windows did not see it as a printer, had no drivers for it and basically ignored it. I installed the Dymo software and levoila, bam the printer was properly seen. I then added it to my Windows home group so it could be shared. On my Windows tablet I also installed the Dymo software and was quickly able to then use the shared printer. CellarTracker noticed the shared printer right off the bat and it just worked (well minus some issues with CellarTracker I worked through). Next thing I know I am printing labels!

The Dymo software allows you to make up your own labels, like address and return address labels you can use for envelopes and shipping. All in all once setup it just works! The printer is thermal in nature so you never need to worry about ink or toner cartridges. The labels are readily available and reasonably cheap.

So that’s about it! A great label printer for a reasonable price! Another OCD itch scratched 🙂 (Obsessive compulsive disorder). I know not something to joke about … Moving on …

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