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Frozen Front Android Game review a turn based battle SIM

I’m not much of a gamer. First person shooters inevitably bore me. The bizarre combination of buttons you have to press to make it do anything and the eventual road block I have no idea how to get past mean they just aren’t my thing, never have been. But give me a turn based battle simulation where I can use my brain to map out strategy plan attacks, build resources and that’s my kinda game! Back in the day (I hate that phrase, what day are they talking about anyway? Lately it seems it’s been used by EVERYONE :)) I loved board games like Machiavelli, Supremacy and the like. Then along came Military Madness on the TurboGrafx 16! I bought the game console just to play that one game. And play I did. On Android I actually found a version of Military Madness. Loved it. Then eventually I found Populus Romanus followed by Populus Romanus 2
The same developer then came out with Wargame 1939
The games were well written and I spent hours playing them. The graphics were rudimentary, but still well worth the money. Recently I discovered this game Frozen Front. (You knew I would get to the topic of this post eventually). The game can be played 100% for free but it is heavily laden with fixed and video adds that quickly gets annoying. But at least you get to play it and decide if you want to purchase it. It’s inexpensive $3.49. You can buy gold that you use in the game and that makes the game play a whole lot easier but where is the fun in that 🙂 The game takes place in WWII on the Eastern front. You get to play the Germans sometimes and the Soviets others. The game includes the reality of having to keep your tanks fueled and rearmed. Get too far ahead of your supply trucks and too far from your supply base and your tanks run out of gas! The author has included a vast array of equipment and troops, all named authentically with the time period. This adds an interesting dimension to the game. Recently I read a number books on the Eastern front and playing this game just seemed to add a reality to the stories. There’s troops, tanks, artillery, and planes. You get gold every time you destroy an enemy and you have to decide how you want to spend that gold. Buy a more powerful tank, and then have it destroyed by planes or artillery? Buy just troops and have them mowed down by enemy tanks and Katushya rockets? All in all I love this game. Excellent game play, great graphics hours upon hours of fun. It’s quite immersing. I can HIGHLY recommend this game. Very well done. You can even play online against real people 🙂 Check it out!


September 14, 2015 - Posted by | Android

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