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Anker PowerDrive+ 1 (Quick Charge 2.0 24W USB Car Charger) review

When I did my S5 review I noted that the S5 had the ability to charge dramatically faster than the S4. In the car I was not getting the same quick charging in spite of it being a 2A charger. To give you an idea on a standard (non quick charge) you get about .6%/min for a from dead charge time of almost 3 hours. The factory charger brings this up to 1%/min up to 90% and then trickle charges the last bit. It cuts charge time in half. So I bought this charger and put it through it paces. It does not come with a cable. When I first plugged it in I noticed I was still not getting the proper charge speed. So I used the factory supplied cable and levoila quick charging. In fact I used the factory cable and got almost the same quick charging on my existing 2A car charger when I used the factory cable. So I did some digging. The S5 can take a standard micro USB cable or it can use the USB 3 cable. Some of the standard micro USB cables can deliver the full 2A charge, but some can not. It turned out my issue was not with the charger it was with the thin flimsy standard micro USB cable I was using. I bought some spare micro USB 3 cables and they all were able to deliver the full quick charge. So what it means is to get the quick charge experience you need a good 2A charger (car or home) and either a good micro USB cable or a usb 3 micro USB cable.

Testing this one out (The Anker) with the factory cable I was able to get 0.9%/min Vs 1%/min on the factory charger. So a mere difference of -11%. So it is working as it should. So before you leap out and buy a new car adapter (because as it turned out I didn’t need to), try the factory cable and see if that solves your issue.

In this graph you can see the charge curve by comparison.
charge graph


September 21, 2015 - Posted by | Android

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