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MyFitnessPal app review

MyFitnessPal is a combination of an app and a web portal that attempts to aggregate data from different places to give you your calories (in and out) as well as nutritional information. You manually enter what you eat either on the web based portal or on the phone app after telling it your sex, weight, weight goal etc and it tells you where you are in your calorie count (plus or minus) all the while taking into account the exercise you’ve done (more on this in a bit). The app/portal are bent towards individuals trying to loose weight. It has not taken into account those that might be trying to gain or maintain weight, marking when your under calories and trying to maintain or gain as still a good thing. Nutritionally it also codes when you are below the number of vitamins again as a good thing. I do admit, this is nit picking.
If you upgrade to premium it will save you the work of figuring out what food might be causing you to be too high (or too low) of a particular vitamin.
The database of foods is quite impressive. The app even allows you to create your own recipes from base ingredients. All in all it is pretty well done from this point of view. Entering your food is shockingly easy and gives you a picture of what foods are good (and bad for you). Highlighting areas of your diet that might need some attention. All in all this part of the app is pretty well done.

Moving on to exercise the app itself does nothing (it’s not a pedometer) although you can manually add exercises. The back end (web portal) allows you to have apps like Endomondo and others import your exercises automatically into MyFitnessPal which means you get possibly get all your exercise data in one place. Sadly no Google Fit.

There is a pedometer called Pacer you can use to get your step data into the portal and is free. It also supports Fitbits and the like too.

The app makes no attempt to incorporate sleep data which is a pretty major miss in my mind.

All in all the app/portal are well done. There are some basic and simple reports you can run but in my mind this is one area seriously lacking. We have as a generation become data rich information poor. If you can’t do something with the data you have spent a lot of time collecting what was the point in collecting it? It’s not important on a particular day if you are over or under what is more important is averages and trends. Sadly the tool does a lousy job of this. If this were addressed the tool is near perfect from a diet/vitamin point of view. Although accuracy becomes a matter of how much time do you want to spend getting it exactly right.


October 30, 2015 - Posted by | Android

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