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Lenovo USB 3 dock (mini review)

I got a chance to play with a Lenovo USB 3 docking station. It is quite an interesting product. The specific part number is A33970. The dock includes a single USB 3 connection in and in turn gives you a number of devices from the dock:
1) USB Audio
2) USB 1G ethernet
3) USB display adapter that supports two monitors. Resolutions on each up to 1920×1200 (I think)
4) USB 3 Hub

A simple 25MB driver installs everything you need.

From a port point of view it gives you (from the Lenovo web site):
5x USB 3.0 – 1 provides always-on mobile device charging
1x DVI-D
1x DVI-I
1x Gigabit Ethernet
1x Stereo/Mic Combo Port

With two video ports on this dock, the laptop display and potentially a fourth on the laptop/tablet for video out you could potentially get 4 monitors on one tablet/laptop.

The device makes it super convenient to connect and disconnect your laptop from all your desktop accessories. It has pretty much everything you need. There is also one that is a bit cheaper than has only one video port. While this device could be used on USB there is no way the USB video would be able to keep up.

I played with this device with my Asus T300 as well as my Lenovo Yoga 12. I had no issues with either but I did find it sometimes took a reboot for all the devices to work perfectly again (for example the video to restore itself). I didn’t live on the T300 for long but performance seemed fine. I do notice the occasional flicker but that is being super picky.

All in all a neat product with lots of potential for limited price.


December 15, 2015 - Posted by | Windows tablets

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