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Fitbit Aria scale review

This review will be short and sweet. Mostly because there isn’t a lot to this product, it just works. The Fitbit Aria scale is a WIFI enabled, battery powered digital scale. Setup is relatively simple with one major catch, the setup would not work on Windows 10. There is a web based setup but I couldn’t get that to work. So I dug out an antique of mine that just happens to still have Windows 7 on it and in no time flat the scale was setup. You start the app on your PC, put that batteries in the scale (which puts it into setup mode), and away it goes. There is a button on the bottom of the scale you can push with a pin to also reset the scale (this doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere). You will need to know your WIFI password, and you need a Fitbit account. There is no interaction with the Fitbit mobile app (on Android). And the mobile app does not even show your weight results.

Once setup it is ready for the first user and can be used by guests anytime. Guests results show up on your web portal under the measurements recorded for the device. For registered users the scale is able to use the info you have entered on the portal for your height etc and it also comes up with a number for your body fat% as well as your body mass index (BMI). For guests, since it does not have any info on them, all you get is the weight. You can see the exact date and time a measurement was done. It is always recommended you weigh yourself at the same time each day. Your weight can vary 5 pounds or more throughout the day. On the portal you can delete errant measurement easily, and even move guests entries into registered users.

From the web portal you can also invite others to use the scale. They will need a Fitbit web account. The web portal also displays the firmware of the scale, current battery state etc. You can set the scale for pounds/kg also from the portal.

As time goes on you will get a graph of your weight along with a statement of whether you are up or down from last month and by how much.

You do not need a phone to use this device (and in fact as stated earlier, for now anyway, the mobile app seems to for the most part ignore the scale other than list it in your devices). You do not need a Fitbit activity tracker either …

That’s about it. It just works. If your going to buy a digital scale anyway, might as well get one of these! They look stylish, and are easy to read.

As always Fitbit support is second to none. I had issues with my first scale and Fitbit replaced it quickly and efficiently. I had similar experiences with Fitbit support.

Update 9/25/2017
21 months later the batteries finally need replacing. Quite impressive. I got a nice email from Fitbit telling to how to change the batteries and even what batteries it took. Very well done.


December 27, 2015 - Posted by | Electronic gadget reviews

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