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Amazon Fire TV Firestarter (mini review)

I bought an Amazon Fire TV and while back, and the main purpose of it was to run Kodi as a media player. Installing and maintaining Kodi was a pain, practically hacking. And using it was clumsy and inelegant. That said I have used it for the last almost 2 years and it continues to work surprisingly well. I work with a bunch of technocrats and we have lively, informative, lunch conversations. This time around the topic of the Amazon Fire TV. There is a newer generation out there and Amazon broke the way Kodi use to work. So the geniuses out there started working on a newer better way to fit Kodi onto a first or second generation Fire TV.

Firestarter is an alternate launcher that starts up on boot and provides a nice simple GUI menu from which you can start, manage, install and update Kodi, or any other Android apps you decide to load onto your fire. Or simply go to the normal Fire menu.

There’s a detailed guide on how to install it but it is simply a side loaded APK so for me that was obvious. firestarter_screenshot_01_small
It really is brilliant and works on first and second gen Fire TVs. Give it a whirl. It’s easy to setup and easy to remove if you don’t like it.

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