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Aukey 5000 mAh external battery

I’ve reviewed a couple of external batteries lately, pokemon Go is a HUGE power draw. Most people that are as addicted as I am walk around with a power bank in their pocket (or two) and a cable to the phone. Onto this one. So far I’ve been impressed by Aukey …

This one is reasonably small and light but they manage to pack in 5000 mAh worth of power. On the output spec it can pump out 5V 2A which is needed for Android phones and some iPads. My iPhone 6 can’t use the 2A, but this makes it more flexible. The only thing missing (spec wise) is qualcom quick charge that would add 9 and 12V output options for even faster charges.

The unit does not have a charge indicator (other than one LED that changes color based on the charge, red bad, green ok, blue good?), nor does it have an LED that could be used as a flashlight. Why this isn’t on every one of these devices is beyond me.

Input wise it can suck back in 2A for faster recharges.

On my iPhone 6 I was able to get 2 full charges out of it. It pumps out a steady 1A into the iPhone. This would amount to about 75% efficient. Not bad at all.

Recharge time was about 3 hours from dead. Not super quick but reasonable.

The charger does not support pass through so you will need to add a cable just to charge the external battery.

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