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Logitech K480 multi device keyboard

I spend a lot of time at keyboards. Typing blog posts, emails you name it. So finding the best keyboard out there is always something I look for. To top it off I have a bunch of devices I use everyday from a Windows laptop to an iPhone to an iPad. Now the easiest solution is one keyboard per device. But this keyboard offers the possibility of covering off 3 devices at a time. Its the party trick it brings to the table.
Up in the top left corner of the keyboard you will see a dial, this allows you to pair and then select from three different devices to talk to. And each device can be uniquely configured as iOS/Mac or PC/Android which customizes the special keys. The special keys are all here from the windows key (cleverly mascarading as a start button?) to the options key on Mac. Start f1 on iOS performs a home function for an iPhone/iPad. Alt/tab functionality works perfectly on an iPad (sadly this function is not built into an iPhone) which allows you to quickly switch between apps.

Switching between devices is fairly quick, takes about 1-2 seconds to have it register. Not instant but not horrible either. I did find myself forgetting which device I was set to and typing on the wrong screen

The keyboard also has a nice slot to hold your iPhone/iPad.

Physically speaking if your looking for the perfect travel mate, this isn’t it. It’s a big bruiser.
Height: 7.68 in (195 mm)
Width: 11.77 in (299 mm)
Depth: 0.79 in (20 mm)
Weight: 820 g (1.81 pounds)

It is powered by a pair of AAA batteries. Given the size of this keyboard why it doesn’t use a rechargeable or AA batteries is beyond me.

I made a mistake and tried pairing it as an iOS device on Windows and it cleverly came up and told me I’d selected it wrongly. I had to delete it and repair it.

Pairing went super smoothly.

The battery level can be seen inside the optionally downloaded ap on the PC, but there is no iPhone or iPad app (there is Android). So without that your guessing the current battery level. The app will also allow you to change some options on the keyboard.

The power switch on the keyboard is oddly located on the underside of the keyboard. A silly decision and give the size of this bruiser it is perplexing why they would do that.

Feel wise the keyboard reminds me of an older chicklet style keyboard. It does not in all honesty have a great feel. Accuracy wise it is ok but not perfect. The lack of feedback from the keyboard means mashing the keys or making mistakes. It is really not a great feel.

Logitech wisely put rubber feet on the bottom of the keyboard and it works well to keep it in place.

There are some curiously missing keys: Page Up/Down, Home/End all of which I use often …

So all in all a great idea, marred by a cheap chicklet feel. Honestly I would not recommend it.


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