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Advancedframe® Expedition AE1009 inflatable Kayak (mini review)

I recently purchased/reviewed an Advanced Elements AE1012 inflatable kayak, and I love it. It has opened up a whole new sport to make it accessible without the issues of storage and handling of a regular kayak. A friend, Susan, bought the Expedition and let me give it a whirl and thus you have this post. This post will cover off what’s different between them. From a specs point of view:

As you can see the major difference is in the length, with the expedition being 2.5 ft longer. This added length is quite visibly noticeable. It also means it takes a little longer to inflate as the chamber is larger. This added length allows more leg room, something some may need over the AE1012. The longer front deck also means this boat does a little better in waves. I’ve found, on occasion a wave will break over the deck of the 1012, but even in 2 foot swells the Expedition did better. There’s also a adjustable foot rest, along with positioning of the back of the seat that you can use to position yourself where you want to be in the cockpit of the kayak. It’s a little finicky to get set just right, but once you’ve got it set right your good to go assuming you don’t have more than one person using the boat.

There’ also some additional storage space behind the seat to store stuff. To call this an expedition ready kayak is a bit of a stretch IMHO.

This boat was made in 2008, it looks like later models added some dry storage in the back of the boat that would be helpful.

Once inflated the boat handles a little differently than the 1012 due to the added length. I would say it takes a little more effort to paddle, but to be honest that is a perception, it is not quantifiable. The expedition seemed to be a little more rigid front to back the AE1012 and thus flexed less in the waves. It was noticeable.

The boat we got also seemed to have the optional lumbar supported seat.

There is an optional rib you can buy they call a backbone that will increase the boats rigidity as well as make it track better.

There’s also an optional hard floor you can buy that they call the dropstitch floor also designed to increase rigidty.

Here’s a great video showing these two optional components.

All in all the Expedition is a nice boat, slightly larger than the 1012. It’s not a night and day difference.

Here’s a comparison of all of their models.

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