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Blackberry Passport mini review

I know … your thinking … what? Ya I know … I got a chance to play with a Blackberry Passport from a friend (thanks Lance). So I was bored so I decided to play. First and foremost the lay of the land at this point is that any BB10 based devices which this is, are for all purposes DEAD. They will continue to work but to expect any form of evolution path for these is delusional. Blackberry as a company has moved onto Android based phones manufactured by a Chinese company. With that out of the way …

Ok so let’s start with the number one reason people choose BB … the keyboard. This particular one is unique in many ways. First off the keys are rectangular rather than square. So the spacing is odd. So you need to retrain your brain to use it. And the feel is nothing like say the old bold. The overall results is an eccentric feeling keyboard. Couple this with a line of soft keys above the keyboard and you have a weird experience that is going to take time to get use to.

The screen on this device is definitely the highlight. It’s big and largely square making it perfect for reading email etc. The ppi is very good at 453 which actually better than the iPhone 6. The screen is bright, crisp, vivid and big.

The other benefit to how big this phone is, is that the battery is equally big at 3450 mAH, compared with an iPhone 6 (for example at 1810). The net result is you have a multi day phone. As important as battery life is, charge time is equally important. The included charger is only 1A charger. With a 2A charger I was able to get it to draw 1.4A and that projected out to a full charge in 2.4 hours. Not great but not horrible either, but that would be really slow on the 1A charger. I found the passport to be a little more picky than others when it came to cables/chargers.

Weight and thickness of the phone are good and overall the device feels good in the hands.

The number one weakness of all BB10 devices is apps. BB brilliantly added Android compatibility a while back but stopped short of solving the problem. BB did NOT provide access to the Android Playstore and expected Android app makers to port their apps into the BB App store. This enmass did not happen. You can add the Google Playstore to BB10 pretty easily but then you run into the next major hurdle, there is no way to get Google Play services on BB10. So without this a LOT of Android apps just don’t work, are buggy, freeze, lack functionality and the like. The net result is a suite of apps that’s like a piece of Swiss cheese with all kinds of missing apps. The chances you could ever exist on this device ONLY as a power user are Nil. Some Android apps do work, but don’t get your hopes up.

Functionality of Google/Microsoft/Exchange etc are of course excellent. This includes, mail/contacts and calendar. This is one place this device shines, and frankly if it didn’t I’d wonder about BB as a company. If there is anything missing it is the Google priority inbox. The BB Priority hub is really not well done and is missing OBVIOUS things like, if they aren’t in my contact this, they aren’t a priority. The lack of this means you get bothered constantly with junk mail. And notifications can’t be set for things only in the Priority hub so all in all it was poorly implemented.

LTE radio is excellent as is the hotspot on this device, battery life on the hotspot is also quite good. Unlike an iPhone that after a period of inactivity turns off the WIFI part of the hotspot the Passport soldiers on making it much more of a set it and forget it hotspot.

All in all I like the passport. It’s a great upgrade from Q10 who’s miniscule screen is laughable for anything other than super short emails. Should you run out and grab one? Ahhh nope. But if you were given one it is an excellent device.

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