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8 Cups digital water bottle

My sister got given this at a conference and wasn’t sure what to do with it so she gave it to me to play. So what the heck is this thing? A digital water bottle that tracks the amount of water you are consuming during a day and reminds you to take a drink. Now give me one of these that measures beer or wine and now we are talking 🙂 It sells for $129 (no idea what currency that is) from the company’s web site. The box is pretty simple and the included manual is minimalistic. Your going to have to figure stuff out on your own. It comes with a wireless charging pad which is a nice touch (I tried it on a standard Qi wireless charging pad but it just flashed at me), as well as a USB to microUSB cable, no AC adapter is included. The company says it can charge in 3-4 hours and lasts 4 days. The water bottle has no buttons on it whatsoever, and just one light.

And so on we go … the minimalistic approach continues into the iPhone app. It asks you a bunch of personal questions, age, sex, weight, height and then later asks for access to the iPhones healthkit information (which it could have got that data from there). The app starts up and you make your account. There is no web portal to see your data. Each time you take a drink it blinks to say heh thanks for having a drink and eventually syncs to your phone. The bluetooth connection to my iPhone 6 was flakey and I had to repeatedly close and reopen the app to keep it connected. The bottle has no buttons so it can not be turned off. There is a washing mode that you can put it in, in which case it stops counting.

The biggest miss on the app, amongst others, is the inability to add/remove or edit the amount you’ve drunk. I mountain bike and carry a camel back when I ride. There’s no way to enter that amount of water. Nor is there a way for it to adjust to the fact that because of exercise in the heat that I should drink more. I forgot to turn the bottle into wash mode, rinsed the bottle and next thing I know the data for the day is skewed. I’m at work during the day, home at night, am I going to carry this bottle with me at all times? Have two maybe? All this makes the data out of the app useless.

The bottle itself is super small in how much water fits in it, 11 ounces, or 1.4 cups. The design of the bottle, tall and skinny, means it is easily tipped. And I did just that on day one. And of course the app counts that spilled water as drank.

Looking inside the bottle they made the inside clear, so you can see the electronics. Not a comforting thought when your looking into something your going to drink out of.

It does blink when you should take a drink, but if you aren’t facing the LED, you can easily miss it. There’s no buzz.

The app does not even include a find my bottle button.

I’d love to say this is the best idea ever … I’d love to say they have done an incredible job. Sadly what you have is a silly idea, half baked implementation, and so many flaws in whatever might have been the thought process as to be laughable.

If you ever think of buying one of these, give the money to charity, you’ll feel better for it and it will have a much greater impact on your day/life than this bottle could EVER make.

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