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Nice2 Bone conducting headset (mini review)

These are somewhat of a knock off of more expensive bone conducting headsets like the Trek Aftershokz at about 1/3 the price. The idea of these is to be able to hear music and your surroundings at the same time. Think for example riding your bike in the city. Interestingly they come with a set of ear plugs you can use to block out ambient sound when you want to. These sit just in front of the ear and conduct the sound through the bone rather than the ear drums.

In the back of the unit is where the electronics are. There’s a standard micro USB charge port with a rubber cover to make them more waterproof. Technically it might be possible to swim with them, but I can’t imagine it. There’s a slide switch that will turn the unit off when not in use. An LED to show the connection status, and volume buttons. The location on the volume buttons makes them virtually useless. There are buttons on the side of the headset for accepting calls, push and hold for SIRI (on an iphone) and play/pause. The buttons are not the easiest thing to press and end up pushing in on the head uncomfortably. The design of the over ear hooks means you can wear these with glasses, but as with all of these over ear hooks I find them uncomfortable in short order. Positioning on the cheeks seems to fit quite naturally but move your jaw much and you get a really bizarre almost echo. Sound quality is not great, these will not get confused with a high end headset. They do all in all hold in place with walking. Getting these to coexist with bike helmets, glasses etc will definitely be a challenge.

There’s a band around the back of your head that when adjusted correctly it keeps the headset in the right place, but unfortunately as you move your head up and down, the positioning on the head moves and I found the ear getting pinched.

These headsets can be paired with multiple phones at once, always a nice touch. They are compatible with the iPhone battery status app so you can see how charged your headsets are at any time. According to their web site the headsets should get 5.5 hours of streamed music, so pretty on par with most bluetooth headsets.

In the end there is not a chance I could wear these for any period of time.

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