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PNY 3000 battery pack

I last blogged about a Mocreo 2500 mAH battery pack. It worked well … so well my daughter took it 😦 On to find another one. The worst feature of the Mocreo was that it was a micro USB cable with a converter to lightning. The converter and the cable were a little precarious, although 6 months later it was still working well. So this time I wanted a battery pack that had native lightning cable. This particular battery pack is quite well designed. A little more pudgy than the Mocreo, but all in all not that back in size at all. You can have it in your pocket and for the most part not notice it’s there. They have deisgned it well in that it has both a cable on the one side that is micro USB and on the other is a lightning. Both cables are well designed and rigid enough as to feel durable. If there is a complanint it’s that they did nothing to label which is micro USB and which is lightning, but this is a nit pick. They also included lights to show the level of charge of the pack, a welcome addition.

So let’s look at specs. They are pretty clear that the pack can put out 5V 1A from either cable. This pack once plugged in requires you to press a button to get the charging started. 1A is fine for older iPhones and is the same amount of current the stock charger even with the iPhone 8 comes with. So what you get is a comparable to plugged in charge speed. Almost all newer Android phones and even the iPhone 8 can use higher current to give you a quick charge. So this battery pack will not do that (nor do they suggest it will). The pack lives precisely up to what it says and delivers a solid 1A. On a deep discharge cycle the phone went from 9 to 70% on an iPhone 8 in an hour. The Iphone slows charging down beyond that. Overall the pack can charge the iPhone 8 from dead once. This comes out to an efficiency of around 60%.

From a recharge point of view again the specs are pretty clear that this can only take 1A in, so your looking at a slow recharge. These battery packs do not seem to have caught up to the phones quick charge improvements. Recharge time from dead was well over 3 hours.

For the price on Amazon ~$20 this is a very good battery pack. Well designed, well executed, cheap price, fast ship.

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