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Workoutdoors app mini review

I recently discovered a new app for my Apple Series 1 Watch WorkOutDoors. This app bring full vector maps to exercise tracking. You can pan and zoom around the map as well as see bread crumbs of were you’ve been exercise.

At the end exercise you get a terrific summary of the workout. In my case it was a hike and I got a summary of distance, number of steps, heart rate etc. Even apps like Strava don’t give you a map like this! The app on a series one (which does not have a GPS) uses the GPS on the phone. Quite impressive.

Comparing the distance with another exercise app called RunGPS it is 8.3 Vs 8.13km, within 2% of each other, which is quite good. RunGPS track of the same exercise.

Once complete you can export the exercise as a GPX, that can be then imported into Garmin connect or Strava. I tried Garmin and it came through ok, but the walk got interpreted as uncategorized. Here’s the workout on Garmin connect.

When Garmin in turn linked in with Strava it came over as a ride.

Imported directly into Strava the app gives you the opportunity to change it from a ride.

All in all the app works well, but the exciting thing about this app is what is coming. I spoke with the author of the app and he tells me he is adding waypoint and navigation support. This would be game changing and it would be the only app on an Apple watch capable of that. He also said direct export to something like Strava is also on the todo list.

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