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Journo App (mini review)

We had planned a long (cross country) trip and I wanted an app that would allow me to scrap book our trip, and zeroed in on this one. It does a lot of things right, and some not so much … The app allows you to put an entry in anytime you like, with text, web links, pictures and movies. You can add the location of the post which will in turn create a neat map of your trek.

This scrap book can be shared with anyone so they can follow you on your journey vicariously. You can also invited others to the scrap book allowing them to also add their entries making it collaborative. All in all I like the app.
There are a few misses:
– after the initial free period the price is VERY high. As of time of writing $8.99/month, or $199 lifetime … WOW
– you can only add or edit entries from the app, you can not add or edit them on a web browser
– the app is ONLY available for iOS, no Android, and since the above limitation this may rule out some of your fellow travellers
– You can create offline entries but they can not be location tagged. It does not use the GPS location, it uses your rough location and then it provides you a list of places it thinks you might be at (which can only be done when your online)
– I don’t see a way to have someone who is following your trek to be notified of a new entry
– I don’t see a way to create a post on both Journo and facebook at the same time which meant we had to double post
– you can use this app for trip planning (easily)
– it would be useful to have a cost log, say gas, hotels etc
– there is no way to export it, but a file save allows you to take the content and host it elsewhere for free/backup purposes

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