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Oyster mushroom kit

Ok so this is WAY OFF the normal topics I cover … I’ve had a curiosity for a bit about these mushroom kits you see on places like Amazon and the like. I love mushroom and use them in my cooking every chance I get, exploring new types! So I bought a kit. Now this is by no means going to be financially rationalized, this is more of entertainment and education. So on we go. Now it’s my intention to come back and update this blog post as the kit progresses. So there were a number of bag based kits, but honestly when I looked at them, they just didn’t look appealing. And I wondered to myself where would I even put the darn thing. Then I found a dome based kit on Bed Bath and Beyond of all places. The dome keeps the moisture in and makes it a little more presentable. So I bought it for $26.

The kit comes with everything you need. Detailed instructions:

The dome itself, “100% hardwood pellets” (read dehydrated sawdust):

and the mushroom spores themselves:

To start the process you simply boil some spring water (not tap) and pour it over the pellets to have them rehydrate:

Then you break up the mushroom spores while still in the bag so that your not touching them:

Lastly sprinkle them on top of the pellets as evenly as can be:

After just 2 days you can see lots of white fuzzy stuff, which is mycellium, growing already!

Here it is after 8 of 18 days. You can see the white myselium is covering nicely.

And lastly here it is after 18 days. The white mycelium has completely covered the surface.

The next step is put it under water then into the fridge for two hours. Then drain off the excess water. Since this is actual fungus this is in contact with I drained it into the laundry tub. I’ve done that and now I patiently wait 1-2 weeks for the actual mushrooms to start according to the instructions.

But wait after just 4 days pin heads showed up!

Here’s what it looks like after 8 days. It’s starting to look like an oyster mushroom in shape. Oddly I ended up with just two clusters of mushrooms and the second cluster is growing a lot slower. They do say after harvest you can retry and activate it to see if you get more.

Unfortunately this has been a bust … I started watering as soon as I saw the first pin heads, I think I should have waited. No others came up and the ones that did come up wilted and died. I attempted to reactive it, but no joy.

Experiment number 1

As an interesting side experiment I bought some oyster mushrooms and cut the bottoms off. The bottoms are woody and inedible anyway. I had read you can start your own by taking these bottoms and putting them in coffee grounds. So I tried it around the same time. And here is what it looks like.

After just under two weeks the mycellium has completely covered the surface.

It’s now time to activate this one, we will see how it goes.

Sadly this has also been a bust. The mycilium grew but so did mould. And even after activation nothing showed up 😦

Experiment number 2

And as yet another experiment this time I took the bottoms of oyster mushrooms and put them in a heavily soaked blend of coffee and saw dust.

Within a week the mycelium was off to a good start.

I ran into a pretty big SNAFU. In the process of kiln drying wood it turns out most wood is treated to reduce fungus. Ooops. So this one is also a bust. 😦

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