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Garmin Fenix 5 upgrade/data transfer

One of the things Apple does really well is to make the process of upgrading from a previous Apple device trivial … Garmin not so much 😦 I’m coming from a Fenix 3 so I would like to able to make the setup of a new device as quick as possible. Ok forget that thought cause it ain’t happening.

On first power up Garmin ask you a series of stupid questions, age, height weight … all of this data is already in Garmin connect so why am I being asked it yet again? Moving on.

When you get your new device the first thing you need to do is to get it up to date. This can be done using the Garmin Connect app on the phone or it can be done with Garmin Express. The Fenix 5 does not have WIFI so this can’t be done that way (the Fenix 3 I had did have WIFI). This may take a couple iterations, and a couple watch reboots to complete.

Once up to date you are ready to get your new device setup. There are a number of parts to the Fenix that need to be setup. First and foremost for me is the waypoints. I have A LOT. TO do this start up Garmin Basecamp with your old and new devices plugged in. Go to your old one on Basecamp and do whatever cleanup you need to do. The temptation is to do a copy and paste … don’t. It crashed my Fenix 5 and I found myself needing to do a hard reset of the Fenix to get it back. The right answer is to right click on your old Garmin and clip send to your new Fenix. And just like that the waypoints are copied. Be patient depending on how many you have this can take a bit. Believe it or not this is the least painful part of the process.

Next up comes ConnectIQ Watch faces, widgets and data field. There is absolutely no easy way to do this. You are going to need to one by one go through the connectIQ on the old device, then find it on the web and install it to your new device. Garmin could really improve this A LOT. Wait, your not done. First up comes the complexity that the ConnectIQ apps you loved on your old device MAY not be compatible with your new device. And if it is, you will need to go through the settings for each of the Connectiq apps. Sheesh.

Next up comes the individual activities you use. Sadly these can only be setup on the watch. So your going to need to review the settings for each activity on the old watch, note them, and manually setup them up again on the new watch. Tedious …

And with that you finally have your new toy ready to use.

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