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Shark IONFLEX DUOCLEAN cordless ultra-light vacuum review

Every now and then I go off my regularly scheduled program and go off topic. Ya this is one of those. I’ve been lugging around a big canister vacuum cleaner for a lot of years now. It’s inconvenient to such an extent it gets dragged out irregularly. So the thought dawned on me, I wonder if I had a cordless, handy vacuum cleaner that could be used for doing little mess clean up and keeping the kitchen free from food on the tile, would it get done more often. So I bought this one. I have to admit I was super skeptical so I chose to buy a refurb from Factory direct , I paid $150 they had a sale on, regularly $350On Amazon

Straight off … spolier alert … This is a well designed vacuum cleaner. I’m thoroughly impressed, and my regular readers know I don’t say that often.

The number of attachments that this comes with is quite comprehensive. As well as the powerhead it comes with a neat dusting wand that works very well, crevice tool, furniture tool and something I can’t come up with a reason for šŸ™‚

Most of the tools can be used on the end of the long pole or on the unit itself, which makes using it for dusting, getting rid of cob webs and like easy. (Not my image I stole it from Amazon).

The unit can stand up leaned against a wall with no need to drill into the wall. It means you can keep the unit nice and close to the most common place for messes. I found a nice handy spot in the kitchen.

The power head has two modes which are controlled from the top handle for hard surfaces and for carpet (it changes the speed of the beater bars). It works very well and glides effortlessly. Given the weight it’s amazing how well this pivots and corners around. The power head can be used with or without the long pole so it can be used to clean things like your car. The suction this unit creates is quite impressive in even the extended runtime mode, and there’s a second mode that delivers even more suction. The power head has lights making it super easy to clean under beds and the like. The power head is well designed and stops quickly when it gets caught on anything, and then resets quickly once the obstruction is removed. The powerhead is about 10″ wide so not too bad, even for larger areas.

The bin where the dirt is collected is transparent so you can see as it’s filling. There’s a simple empty button and the bottom door falls open. Be careful I did it once by accident before I figured out how easy it was and dumped all the dirt right back on my floor šŸ˜¦ DOH.

In addition to the dust bin there’s a simple to clean foam filter under top hood on the handle you can wash and reuse. It’s amazing how much this traps. This is by no means a HEPA filter, but it seems effective. There’s one final filter that can be removed and cleaned that’s just at the exhaust of the handle. All these filters can be replaced once worn out. A set of two is $31 on Amazon. I can only imagine, that if you properly care for these in washing them these should last a while.

The battery on this thing is huge measuring in at a whopping 61.74WH. This gives you about 1/2 hour cleaning time. There’s a convenient light on the battery you can see the whole time the unit is running which shows you how charged the battery is. And it will run all the way to the point of dead and then the whole thing just shuts down.

The battery once dead takes a whopping 3-4 hours to fully recharge before your good to go again. Some models of this unit shipped with two batteries. Given how slow this thing is to recharge I can totally see why. It can be charged in the vacuum cleaner or you can slide it out and charge it wherever convenient. The charger is quite large and has a barrel plug making it super easy. Spare batteries are not cheap, coming in at $85 US on the Shark parts web site.

All in all this is one impressive little vacuum cleaner, well worth the money especially if you get it on refurb.

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