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Adding EXIF data to your photos and Geotagging

There is a bunch of (meta) data written to your image files by your camera that is called EXIF data, includes everything from the date and time, camera settings, lens settings etc. But there are a things that neither my Canon T7i, nor my GFs Nikon P900 write that I wish it did.

While the Nikon P900 has the ability to Geotag photos (at a cost to battery life both when the camera was on and off), I was seriously disappointed that the T7i lacks this ability. I’ve looked at post processing solutions and found one called Geotag photos that works but was clumsy. Then I stumbled upon a simple solution. I use a Garmin GPS any time I’m exercising, and always figured there ought to be a way to take that GPS file and be able to post process add in the Geotag, well there is! Turns out a tool called EXIFTool can be used to take a standard Garmin TCX which you can download from Garmin connect, point it at a folder of images and magically the Geotags are added. It actually works! If you want to check the results there’s a great website Pic2Map that can then display the images on a map to let you verify that it worked correctly. I tried a Garmin GPX but the TCX got a more accurate location when I tried it. Here is the command to add the Geotags.

exiftool.exe” -P -overwrite_original_in_place -geotag=track.tcx *.jpg

I also wanted to add the author’s name and a copyright notice, well I discovered I CAN have the my T7i camera automatically add the owner info and copyright data into the images following this guide. To say this is less than obvious is an understatement. And of course, there are ALL the other photos I’ve taken before I discovered this hidden little GEM. And The Nikon P900 doesn’t seem to do it though. Using the same EXIFTool I can add author and copyright using the following command:

exiftool(-k).exe” -P -overwrite_original_in_place -Copyright=”All rights reserved” -creator=”Your name or email” -owner=”Your name or email” -author=”Your name or email” -artist=”Your name or email” *.jpg

The -P tells it to not mess with the date of the file, and the original_in_place keeps it from creating a backup of the file. You can also do raw files like CR2s if you wish. The creator tag is what shows up as the Author file in the EXIF data in Windows for Nikon, oddly for Canon it took the artist tag to make it work. Here’s what it looks like when your done. Here’s a complete list of EXIF tags. It is worth noting that social media sites like facebook strip most EXIF data so this is NOT a way to protect your work, for that you still need things like a watermark.

Next up, it would be nice to be able to add the add a comment that shows in Windows explorer, and yes this is searchable using the standard windows search utility! To do this I used :

exiftool -XPComment=”Raptor” IMG_1473.JPG

And this shows up:

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