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Birding apps

When you first get started with birding it’s amazing how you start to see things you’ve spent zero attention to in the past. There are so many varieties of birds out there waiting to explore. Getting started isn’t that hard, and needn’t be that expensive. You can get started in your own neighborhood, or your own backyard with a feeder.

Identifying birds
Being able to start to identify specific birds can be daunting but there are a couple apps out there that can make this a LOT easier. Merlin and iNaturalist can take pics of a bird and attempt to identify it. iNaturalist can also do plants and animals too. iNaturalist has a website you can use as well as mobile apps. Both Merlin and iNaturalist are free by the way!

Where to go
Ok, your hooked, now you want to be able to find places to go … there’s a great web site that aggregates lots of users data it’s a little complicated to use, but you can find where a specific bird has been seen (if at all) in your area, you can see what birds have been seen at a particular location and so much more. There’s a mobile app to record your sightings that feeds this web site, but I’ve had no end of issues with that part of it.

A number of other apps use the back end data of eBird and then present it in different ways to you. There’s an app called Birders Nearby that has a much nice interface to record the birds you are seeing as well as you can see what others have seen. It pulls from eBird as well as it’s own database for entries people put on the app. It does not (I believe) feed your sightings back to eBird.

There’s another one called GoBird that pulls eBird data, and then filters into near you, as well as rare bird sightings near you. And it even allows you to define what nearby means.

Here a bird sound you can’t identify? Well there’s an app for that too, called song Sleuth that allows you to record and then identify the songs of birds.

I’m sure this is not all, but that’s enough to get you started!

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