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Win 11 22H2 No TPM

A while back I found an article how to hack Windows 11 onto hardware that was too old to be officially supported. I tried it on my old Surface 3 and it worked EXTREMELY well. I would have to say, standby power, and the touch experience on this device with Win 11 is the best I’ve encountered. I noticed back in Sept when the latest feature release called 22H2 came out, that the Surface wasn’t getting the update. It has been continuing to get all updates, just not the feature release. So that got me looking around for a solution and low and behold I found one. Another clever fellow has found another way to hack Win 11 22H2 onto unsupported hardware, and I’m happy to report it works! I still wonder when Microsoft will do the inevitable and completely plug this hack, bt for now, I’m onto the next release on old hardware, good for another year? I guess only time will tell. I’ll report back on the experience with it on this hardware, but thought’s I’d pass this along.

November 18, 2022 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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